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Private Investigators of Colorado | Private Investigators of Colorado

Private Investigators Colorado

Private Investigation Services
Hire a Private Investigator located in Denver Colorado at METRO INTELLIGENCE AGENCY

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To uncover information about arrests, convictions, and incarcerations (a criminal background check), most information will be in the public record. To find this information, visit court and other government websites to access these documents. But, here is one that will really start to guide you and never stear wrong “Wikipedia” . Or you could go to google -Type “criminal records” and then your state into a search engine and start your endless search. Better yet, working with a third party Private Investigator service ensures all reporting and disclosure rules are followed to the letter of the law. Either way, Metro Intelligence agency background information will help paint a picture of the person based on there previous past habits.


here are a lot of “people finder” websites and most are not worth investing any money in while doing a criminal background. With internet search engines, social networking, or calling the County Assessor’s sites, you will get just as much information going this route as you will by paying the “Instant People Search” websites. Save your money but won’t have the resources that a private investigator would have, yes you might save money! But, is your safety for a loved one is worth a few bucks in doing just to save money! No. so contact us today.

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Location: P.O. Box 621312
Littleton, CO 80162

Telephone: (720) 443­-3382

Hours: M-F: 9am – 5pm